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  • Herald Scotland

    Banks battle to offer best deals on credit cards

    Barclaycard's Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer tops the table with the longest ever 0% period of 27 months, double the typical 0% period five years ago. Other card Or there's a deal from Halifax that charges zero interest for 25

  • Cadbury's aggressive tax avoidance exposed

    its UK tax bill by more than a third. A investigation into the tax affairs of the company – established in 1824 by Quakers and known for its philanthropic ethos – has uncovered tax avoidance schemes former senior executives admit

0 APR Credit Cards Make It Possible To Save Money

I'm sure you've seen direct mail offers, promotional brochures and Internet ads announcing: "0% APR credit cards. Limited time offer. Apply today!" You can't...


Teen Guide to Personal Financial Management[
Teen Guide to Personal Financial Management[
Published by Greenwood Press 2000
ISBN 0313311072,9780313311079
269 pages
Discusses opening a bank account, budgeting, paying for college, financing a car, and tax-deferred retirement accounts, and looks at advertising in the classroom, bankruptcy, and identity theft.
Solve Your Money Troubles
Solve Your Money Troubles
Published by NOLO 2011
ISBN 1413315690,9781413315691
520 pages
Repair your credit and get out of debt with the complete guide to solving your money troubles. Feeling overwhelmed by your debts? If you're ready to regain your financial freedom, feeling the squeeze of the housing bust or simply get smarter about managing your money, you'll find everything you need in this complete guide. Solve Your Money Troubles shows you how to: prioritize debts create a budget negotiate with creditors stop collector harassment challenge wage attachments contend with repossessions respond to creditor lawsuits qualify for a mortgage rebuild credit decide if bankruptcy is the right option for you To make the process easier, Solve Your Money Troubles also includes sample letters to creditors, as well as worksheets and charts to calculate your debts and expenses and help you create a repayment plan. To make the process easier, the 13th edition of Solve Your Money Troubles includes all-new sample letters to creditors which reflect changing financial times, as well as worksheets and charts to calculate your debts and expenses and help you create a repayment plan. You'll also get fully updated state laws and new information on dealing with foreclosure.
Personal Financial Planning
Personal Financial Planning
Published by South-Western Pub 2013
ISBN 1439044473,9781439044476
576 pages
In the midst of today's ever-shifting finances and changing lives, a strong personal financial plan is more important than ever before. This market-leading PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING, 12E equips you with the tools and techniques you need to better understand, define, and achieve your financial goals. The book follows a life-cycle approach that prepares you to plan and make decisions about assets, credit, insurance, investment, and retirement as you progress through life. The latest updates throughout this edition reflect the most recent financial developments -- from new tax laws to the impact of the recent global financial crisis. Brief advice from financial experts, helpful technology software and tools, and examples from actual life prepare you for personal financial success.
Managing Your Personal Finances.
Managing Your Personal Finances.
Published by Cengage Learning 2009
ISBN 0538449373,9780538449373
752 pages
A textbook discussing all aspects of personal finance covers such topics as planning a career, federal income tax, budgeting, checking accounts, investments, real estate, credit management, risk management, insurance, and consumer protection.
Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies
Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies
Published by For Dummies 2008
ISBN 0470466162,9780470466162
432 pages
If you’re accountable for accounting in a mid-level business, Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software can be your friend. Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies improves the friendship by highlighting the most useful and practical features, dispelling the most common misconceptions, and letting you in on the best tips and tricks — all in plain English! Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies shows you how to set up and use this modular accounting program. You’ll learn to customize Dynamics Great Plains, get around the program, create a company, build an effective chart of accounts, and maintain a general ledger. You’ll find out how to: Create invoices and bill your customers, manage receipts, and easily match payments to invoices Set up vendors quickly and easily Customize GP fit your business perfectly and make the home page more efficient Work with the modules you’ll use most often in the Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, and Financial series Safeguard your database and set up a disaster recovery plan containing all the right steps Use Professional Services Tools and utilities to find and fix data discrepancies Get inventory under control Close your books at year end and use shortcuts to easily print reports from all the data you’ve collected Save keystrokes with Quick Journal and batch frequency Leverage the interoperability between Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office applications Make upgrading hassle-free Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies helps you make this sometimes-complex program do your bidding, which might account for your rising popularity in the office! Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Questions & answers

gypsygrl1973 gypsygrl1973 says:
Can anyone explain why I'm being charged a finance charge on an amount that was paid in full and at zero?
I paid my balance in full on the 27 of Oct. The due date was the 28. From the 27 until the 3rd of November it was showing a zero balance. On the 4th it had a finance charge that was showing up. Chase tried to explain it away but none of my...
mindcrime828 says:
Finance charges are calculated on a daily basis. You had a balance until the 27th so you were charged interest on that balance until then. The actual charge to the account does not get posted...
Killer Chick Killer Chick says:
My credit card comp is asking me to pay a Finance charge even thhough I have a zero balance. I just finished?
paying off a credit balance on one of my cards. Now I received a bill for $1.69, classifying it as a Finance charge. Is this right? I have a zero-balance on about 3 other creditcards for years and I have never received a bill from them. This is so...
doanel says:
Yes, you may have been caught between billing cycles. Just pay the 1.69 and get it over with. NOW, if you get another bill next month, then call them.
designkidcom designkidcom says:
Why is the minimum balance the same as my finance charge?
I'm a little puzzled. I currently have a credit card and I paid off the entire balance. Today I received my statement in the mail and it shows a new balance of $9.33 with $0.00 in transaction. They do show a finance charge of $9.33 though. Can... says:
Ah, I know this. You've been slapped with the "residual interest." Although you paid off the amount in your statement -- and congratulations for doing that -- a certain period of time elapsed...
Manuel P Manuel P says:
What does "balance subject to finance charge" on a credit card statement mean?
I paid my MBNA/BofA credit card total balance of $8,109.23 in full on October 2006 (in fact, I overpaid by sending $8,333.00) for a $7,500.00 cash advance I obtained back on July 2006. My new balance total says "$199.77 CR", which is ok. However...
KJ says:
Your bill is sent in arrears, which basically means that the $3,248.09 was for the month preceding the statement end date. If your September statement ended 9/18 and you did not pay off the balance...
ahe03 ahe03 says:
What are the negative long term consequences of "card hopping" to pay off my high interest credit cards?
I have been cautioned against taking a "line of credit" to pay off high interest credit card balances. Instead, I have been encouraged to keep using the 0% interest credit card offers for as long as it is offered at zero %. These cards are a dime...
logicboy says:
The time you're wasting bouncing the balances around you could have paid off the low balances first. Yes, most experts agree that it might be wiser to pay high interest off first, but Dave Ramsey...
amber h amber h says:
How much of an impact can I have on my credit in 6 months?
Currently my credit score is around 550 :(! I have 5 credit cards that are maxed out totally $3000 - I have one credit card - joint with my mom - zero balance. I have past due bills on my credit totaling about $3000. So my question is, if I pay...
Informed1 says:
Hi Amber, Yes ... the 550 score isn't great ... but it could be worse ... and, the first step to making it better is realizing there is a problem and taking active steps to fix it. The good...
Sport A Sport A says:
Is it ok to have Zero Balance on a Credit Card?
I just paid off all of my credits, and now they have a zero balance. I have heard that if you have a zero balance on your card, it could affect your credit negatively.
betoandbran says:
If you are looking from the perspective of credit score that it is not 100% positive. You credit score is calculated in such a way that it is a good thing to have debt because then the credit card...
Yahoo Yahoo says:
How many often do you need to "utilize" your idle credit cards?
I have probably 5-7 credit cards, 3 being major bank cares. All my cards are zero balances and idle for a few years. I found out it's not good to keep them inactive or to close them out. Thinking keeping a zero balance would help my credit,...
Steve D says:
You have also missed another reason for using the cards - card companies are expected to start implementing a "non-activity" fee, meaning that if you do not use the card, they will charge you a...
Andrew Andrew says:
Is it smart to transfer credit card debt to a new card?
I'm pretty close to the maximum limit on my credit card (I owe $7,200 and the limit is $7,500). I've already cut up the card and changed my spending habits and I'm pace to pay it off over the next 12-18 months. Problem is, the interest is killing...
farran abat says:
Eliminating high interest credit cards by transferring to a card with a lower rate can help you save a great deal of money, allowing you to regain control of your finances. However, it is important...
Emily Alexis Emily Alexis says:
How do I make statements on Quickbooks with multiple payments?
Our customers pay their bills off on a 6 month basis. I can't figure out how to show this on Quickbooks. When I make a statement, it just shows the total balance due. I only want to show what they owe this month. Can anyone help with this??
Speedie says:
In QuickBooks, billing statements have these limitations: You cannot record sales tax, percentage discounts, payment items, or group items as a separate charge on a billing statement. To bill for...